Surrey Tutors

Please see the advice below if you have had any unexpected emails pretending to relate to us.

Our genuine Surrey Tutors tuition website is here.

Scam advice: criminals sometimes pretend to be us

Surrey Tutors a genuine tuition business but criminals sometimes pretend to be us or any reputable organisation, bank or the police etc..

If you receive any email appearing to be from Paypal or anyone else about payments or anything similar relating to "Surrey Tutors Ltd." it will be a scam and not from us nor anything to do with this real tuition business. For your safety, do not click on any links or phone any phone number in any such email. We do not send unsolicited marketing or payment emails. In fact we do not normally send email from anything (although we may send an acknowledgement if you email us. Our outgoing correspondence is normally from a different address. We trade as Surrey Tutors (without Ltd.). A very similar name "Surrey Tutors Ltd." is not our official business name. "Surrey Tutors Ltd." was a different business and went out of business as a limited company in 2011.

See our genuine Surrey Tutors tuition website here (or wait and it will redirect automatically after a while).